2009-11-13 20:59:33 by VorRath

Okay... I gave in.... I followed Sabtastic's Meme thingey... and made my own 'Tastic!



2009-11-08 18:51:54 by VorRath

Well, I am a longtime Newgrounds viewer... and for whatever reason I decided to sign up and join the fun for myself!

Here's a little about myself!:
I work as a concept artist/3d modeler/animator for a small gaming company in Toronto.
I also took some 2d animation in college, and dabbled in some flash !
I got into art late in life, as I only really started about 4 years ago.

Here is my Deviantart that has a bunch of older stuff that I am too lazy to post here. When I get motivated/use my free time more wisely, I plan to produce some stellar 2d animations. I would love to collaborate with people on rando stuff! I hope to have a catchy/clever animation of my own up here one day.
Thanks for stopping by! More stuff to come... eventually!